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July Food

I have discussed in my prior post Food Budget 101 that having a food budget is an incredible asset to any household budget. It can help make you or break you financially since food is so expensive and usually second to a mortgage. So this July, I chose to track my behavior to help corral it back to a manageable monthly amount.

Have you ever let things go? Stopped taking care of things the way you used to? There is no real good excuse for why I have allowed my budget to get so out of hand; I was lazy. When you lose focus and sight of where you want to go, it doesn't end the way you want it.

Plan Ahead

Even before leaving the house to shop, you should have a list of what you need and want to purchase, with the amount you don't want to exceed. Having that list, you'll know the exact stores you wish to shop because all stores are not equal. That's how I dropped the ball this July, I bought randomly and at a not so typical store out of convenience. Guess what? I almost paid double for it.

Shopping to Frequently

Over July, I made a total of 19 trips to different stores. I realize that it is a lot, but before you judge me, I do usually shop at two main stores during the week. However not to usually exceed ten trips during the month. My main weekly stores are Aldi and Costco. However, if the weekly fliers come in and there is an excellent sale at Foodtown or Shoprite, I will make the trip depending on what we need!

Goal - Reduce the number of trips to the grocery store

Total Amount

So in total, I spent $839.01, wow that was excessive! The truth is I know how it happened, and that is the beginning to change — no more unplanned trips to the food store. When you don't make a plan, you have no idea where your money goes it just dissipates. So we are going to get it together, focus and keeping our store trips to a minimum with a detailed list. My goal and focus are that August will be better...Stay Tuned.

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