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August Food

I was hoping that August would have been immensely better than July in regards to our food budget, but the truth is we were only slightly better. Right now, I want to write a million reasons why I did not do it, making excuses, but I will not. The whole point of these posts is to help me to grow and get better, so even slight is an improvement. My father always used to say, " A journey of one thousand miles begins with one step," Lao Tzu. This step is in the right direction! Next month it will be better.

We Spent:

$677.85 on food

18 trips to the food store

I think it's important to know the number of trips to the grocery store because the more you visit, the more you will spend. I know it's right for me and I am sure there are studies to prove it! Limiting the amount, I frequent the store will aid me in reducing our final number.

For this month coming up, my goal is to spend more time on our meal planning for every meal. With more preparation, I hope to do a better job while shopping to stay on target. How do you keep your money numbers low? I would love some feedback!

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