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Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec Food budget

I have not kept up with the posts regarding our food budget to keeping us accountable. If you look below, my behavior has not been as disciplined as I wanted it to. After reviewing the last few months, I was trying to think of the things that either triggered me to purchase and not stick to the budget I know that should. A few different reasons came to mind... something I will have to change to accomplish the goal I am looking forward to.

I did not use cash at the food store

In the last few months, I have used my debit card at the food store. This did not help me because if I were close to the amount I wanted to spend but still went over, then I would again purchase it. Convincing myself that next week I would do better only buying my allotted amount minus any excess from the week prior. However, I never did that, and the behavior snowballed monthly to keep my bill in excess.

I did not always have a plan

A few times, I went to the food store on a whim with the kids. That is a double whammy! Not having a plan, you are almost guaranteed to put extra things in your cart but bring the kids, and now you have secured it. Having a plan keeps you focused on just what you need, no extras.

Spending: September - $900.16

October- $704.22

November- $686.86

December- $757.86

"If you aim at nothing you will hit nothing everytime." Zig Ziglar

Making a goal

Some studies prove if you have a goal you are more likely to achieve it if you write it down and look at it daily....well here it is. This is January, the month notorious for starting something new. I am setting my monthly goal for the year 2020, not to exceed $500 per month. This goal includes all food, paper products & personal hygiene. I will try to limit my store stops to 1-2 places per week to keep this realistic. I will post monthly on my behavior to keep me accountable.

Going Forward I will use cash when I food shop, and I will leave my debit/credit cards in the car. That way, there is no temptation on buying that extra thing even if I shouldn't!

I will remind myself daily of my goal and why I am doing it. To keep me focused on making the right choice when the time comes.

I will post monthly regardless of my behavior, no excuses!

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