January Winning Food Budget

February 4, 2020




After many monthly fails this month I finally had a success in keeping our monthly food budget at $500 or less! I spent $498.31 with a $1.69 as a remainder.  It is a true win!  The reason I was successful is my absolute focus, planning and chatting it up with Crafty A, who kept me accountable. I held true to my weekly meal plan so I didn't have to buy that one extra thing for a meal.  A common way I am pulled into the supermarket and I never buying just one thing!


What worked?


As I stated above focus, planning and accountability, but that is not all!  Costco's $5 chicken is an amazing buy and every week I bought one.  I would take one breast off for lunches, use the other breast for chicken taco's and the remainder chicken for a soup dinner.  What a help towards our budget!


Planning ahead truly saves time and keeps you focused!


My focus next month is to keep it at $500 or less!


Do you budget weekly or monthly on food? How do you keep your numbers low while still enjoying healthy meals? 





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