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Ava's Journal ~ The Coronavirus Diary ~ 3-19-20

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dear Diary,

I would introduce myself but I would rather jump right into my topic for today. Death and destruction are everywhere, and I’m scared to breathe because I’m afraid of dying or making someone else die. So many questions have been rushing through my head: Why is this happening? How did a dormant virus suddenly wake up and start killing thousands of people out of the blue? Will we be prepared for the consequences of this disease? How many people are going to die? Will any of them be my family members? If so, how many people am I going to lose? How can we stop this? Is there a cure? Should I be scared? Will we be able to go back to the way life was?

I know the answer to my last question. Will we be able to go back to the way life was? The answer is no. No, we won't. Life as we know it is going to change, and there's nothing we can do to preserve the world we think we know. I mean, what is our world actually like? Right now, we don't really have a choice. People are living in fear, panicking over this deadly disease that has killed 10,030 people in the matter of a month. It's scary, a disease with no vaccination against it, or a medicine that can cure it within a week. I'm worried for our world.

I’ll be back soon- I mean, unless I get the coronavirus.

Haha sooo not worried (*cough* lies *cough*),

Ava Kane

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