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Family 123 (+ printable)

Have you ever committed to one thing while you were already committed to something else? Oh boy, what a fiasco that is! My husband calls me the "double booker" because I have double booked events on more than one occasion! It can be embarrassing and leave you with a disgruntled bunch.

So being that I am not the most organized or productive person to try and keep things together, I am always actively trying to implement ideas that help us. This Family 123 is meant to be a quick form of communication once per week so that the whole family can be on the same page. We can discuss our meals for the week, food budget, goals, homeschool, and who has what.

I usually have these meetings on Sunday, implementing them into our Sunday routine. However, if things get crazy or we have a long day, I shift it to Monday (easy peasy).

Why did I pick these things to discuss?

Our menu is a big issue because everyone wants to eat! I have a few picky eaters, one really health-conscious eater, and one pescatarian, so it can be a circus act to keep everyone happy. I like to discuss what we are eating so we can address them early if there are complaints. I review our food budget and goals because I love to cook, and our grocery order seems to be a weakness for me. Since we discuss it weekly, I keep my behavior on the front street. That helps me think twice if I decide to exceed my goal for the month.

Who has what refers to anything outside of the house like sports, parties, work, meetings, church, and volunteer events. With such an active family, no wonder I was called the double booker! Now we all discuss the things coming up, so there isn't a chance to be overextended.

Did we meet our goals? We keep it honest and out in the open. The only way to grow is accountability, and that goes for all of us. My kids will say, "I want to get better at debate" or "I want to get better at my position on the football team ."Sometimes that's the end of the discussion; they say it and think it happens without intention. Keeping an active discussion helps us improve. The example I gave was for the kids, but this goes for my husband and me as well!

School is a biggy! We have three different children in 3 different grades, which can be overwhelming at times. In addition, each of them is learning new things, which takes practice and requires the teachers to understand what they learned clearly. Discussing this during our meetings helps us talk about things the kids are working on, projects coming up, any tests or quizzes to prepare appropriately.

Our Goals help us aim! This is an action step towards some of the things we want to see accomplished. When we talk about it and write it down, that helps us move the marker and see results. It doesn't matter how little; we want strides, but action is movement, and that's what we are after!

I have attached a free download for you to print out and try at home!

Family 123
Download PDF • 1.35MB


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