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My 2022 Resolutions (+ 2022 resolution & week planner)

They say January is the fresh start when people make resolutions to change for the New Year. Usually, it's to eat healthier or exercise, but it can be a host of things someone wants to change. I wonder how many people stick to their resolutions? In the last few years, I know I have been weak in my own strength. I start out strong but catch me on an off day and see what happens.

So how do you make it so important that you actually stick to your plan? How can you daily think of why you choose to change this part of your life and how it will be more than worth it when you complete your task? So you can follow through with what you have decided, which will also help boost your confidence that you can conquer something else next.

I start with this because I need to find a solution, so my resolutions will be met. I complete many things, but there are a few that I regularly give up on when things get hard, lack of planning, the kids talk me out of it, or I talk myself out of it. So with that in mind, if I want to be committed and follow through, I need a plan!

This year our family has decided to be the best version of ourselves. That covers a few different areas and is not just one. Physically we all want to exercise more to keep in a better shape, which is not round. With exercise, we also want to plan our eating better to stay heart healthy. Financially we want to be less wasteful. We are pulling back the American culture of buying everything all the time and intentionally shifting money towards places that will make a difference for our future. All that is a tall order in such an emotional world we live in today. How can we be accountable enough to complete such a task?

We definitely need planning!


Food Habits


exercise 4x per week

meal plan all homemade

make/tighten budget

pushups daily

don't eat out

no ordering on Amazon

sit ups daily

plan all snacks/desserts

cash food shopping

walk dogs 2x per week

8 glasses water/less coffee

divert monies to payoff something

"If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time." - Zig Ziglar

Planning your pain, so to speak, may seem like a lot in the beginning, but the outcome is what I am after! Exercising 4x per week with push-ups and sit-ups will strengthen my heart and core. We have endured a lot these last few years with this chaotic world. I want to walk in strength, and this routine will help just that.

I want to think our food habits are not that bad, but there is room for improvement in all things. I currently do a weekly meal plan, but this will be more strategic. For example, steaming vs. sautéing, two veggies instead of always offering a starch and making snacks ahead of time. I drink 4 cups of coffee a day, which seems excessive, so I will reduce that and be mindful to drink eight glasses of water per day.

I have a budget, but like most people, it is easily expandable or changed when any of us wants something. So I want to make a new budget with tighter perimeters with a target for us to hit with the money. This way, we are making a difference with our sacrifice. Over the last year, I have purchased an unimaginable amount on Amazon, so I need to stop that quick careless behavior. I need to count the cost and eliminate that option. I will not cancel it because we currently use it for channels since we do not have cable. If I think this will be a problem, I will just cancel until I can come to grips with it. I also want to cash shop for food and never use my debit card. If I have such a rule, I can never exceed my budget!

Here's your resolution & schedule planner! We hope you enjoy it!

2022 Resolution & Schedule Planner [Audacious Heart]
Download PDF • 344KB


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