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New Commitment!

I have had this blog for years, and I don't use it as I should. Here and there, I will write a post that I want to discuss but nothing consistent. I am constantly learning and trying new things, things I can share. Maybe even things that will help other people try something new or just see something from my perspective. Yet still, I am not intentional enough or consistent enough on this blog.

So this is a new commitment to myself and this Audacious Heart Blog! I will break the tradition of a New Year's resolution and start right now at the end of November. Is there any better time than now? So what is my commitment, you ask? I am going to write something every day, no matter what and no matter how much or how little! I will also publish 5 times a week on no specific days. Having this goal/commitment will help me pull higher. Posting it here really puts the pressure on.

Why did I get this blog to begin with? To share our families learning journey as we grow in life, spirituality, school, business, and all areas. I love to read and succeed in all areas, and I want to share what I learn. Teaching others what you know helps you retain the information better! However, It doesn't do any good if I am too busy to take pictures and write the post! Not to mention that these blogs are not free, so why waste money?

This commitment is for the next year, so wish me luck! If you read what I write, let me know what you think.


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