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Paying Our Mortgage

I have this new desire to pay off the mortgage! We don't have any other real debt. We do use credit cards but we pay them off when we use them, thankfully. I just don't believe we need to carry this massive debt on the house. People just assume you need to have it for 30 years. If we were smart we would have taken out a 15 year mortgage, but we were young and dumb. Now we are 15 years in to this mortgage and still carry a massive balance.

I realize if you don't make it a goal and a focus it will never happen. So I really want to be intentional in this endeavor! What can we spare each month to throw at it? What can we cut back to get more to throw at it? Are we both on the same page to be most effective? When we have our monthly financial meeting we can quickly discuss what we did that went well, what our status is and how we can do better next month!

I am so done with traditional and conventional thinking. We are conditioned to think one way and be happy there but is that true happiness? How can we truly be financially free to do what we want and make a difference in the world? How do we teach this to our children and other people? I never learned this in school and certainly not at home. My family was raised poor and with a poor mentality. I want to think differently and I want to teach differently. There is something to be said about elevating yourself and going against the grain.

Either way my hope is to start tackling this beast and start a brighter future for our family. Do you have a paid off mortgage? How did you do it? What tips and tricks can you share?


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