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Saving on a Trip

Recently my daughter and I went on a four-day trip for part of her public speaking course in school. With travel, hotel stay, and the cost of the tournament, things become expensive. To reduce costs for the trip, I decided to make a few nutritious and filling things. We would be at this venue from 7 am - 9 pm for three days, and meals were provided for a extra fee. However, I decided against purchasing the meals for a few reasons.

  1. My daughter does not eat meat, and they only had a few options

  2. My daughter doesn't eat a whole lot due to nerves at the tournaments

  3. I was up to my neck in expenses and wanted to reduce somewhere, this happened to be the place

I knew the hotel we were staying in would have a small refrigerator, so I could keep things cold, which is a big help.

What did I make you ask?

Onigiri, which is sushi rice with some type of protein inside wrapped in seaweed. It was a perfect option for a few reasons first, it is a complete meal and filling. Sushi rice by itself is filling to a hungry belly! When you add tuna, hard-boiled eggs, and kimchi, that's a full meal. You individually pack them wrapped in plastic, so it is very convenient.

Coconut date bars were another staple I made for the trip. It is a dried fruit and nut bar for a quick healthy snack. It's so easy to make, and just like the onigiri, you individually pack them for fast, easy grab-and-go!

Last but not least, homemade granola bars. These are not as healthy as date bars but equally delicious. This tournament can be mentally exhausting, so having a sweet snack with nuts (protein) is a good thing! I kept with the theme of something I can individually wrap that tastes good and will give energy.

What did I save by bringing these prepared items? Nearly an extra $200 bucks! Plus, my good conscious knowing what we are eating and that it is healthy. So if you have a big trip coming up, what ways can you save a few extra dollars? Can you prepare a few things in advance so you can shave off a few hundred dollars that can be allotted somewhere else that is more useful? These items may be something you can try!


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