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What to work on?

With the new year looming in just under 2 months, it leads me to think of the future. What are some things that I want to work on going forward? How can I improve at home with my family relationships, school, and work? Do I have goals? If so, have I kept them a focus? Ah, focus...that is the issue! How do I intentionally figure out what I want and how to focus on them daily, strategically? These are my thoughts on what to work on.


Are there any relationships I need to work on? My daughter is turning 17, and we have only one more year until she is an adult. How could I strengthen our relationship? Let's have a monthly coffee date to chat. I suggest intentionally asking her to drive me places since she is a new driver. I can also do that with my two other children, setting time aside to hang out with them individually. Be consistent with date night with my husband. Time alone for us is imperative.


We homeschool, and that is as involved as anything you would know. How can we get better at learning and applying the knowledge? What can we do to make learning intriguing and leave us with many questions? How can we imprint a love of learning? How can we make our routine a better schedule to review everything done and discuss things to work on? What about areas where we could be giving our best? We need time to discuss and review these areas. Last but not least, how do we reward areas of improvement?


My husband and I are in the Real Estate business. Not just purchasing and selling for our clients but also property management, and investing ourselves. Real Estate is precisely a relationship business. The clients that you help are the very future of your business. A large majority of our work is with referrals from our past clients. So, always connect with past clients and keep the lines of communication open so that if they need assistance in Real Estate or someone they know needs help, they will think of you!


I need to work in this area. If I am honest with myself, I am gung ho initially and even for a long time after, but I fall off at some point. I need to keep something visually in my face to keep me on target for why I am doing this mundane task, so I stay motivated and consistent!

Follow up

Last but not least, follow-up is the target are

a to work on, which ties into almost all aspects of my life. Definity in my relationships: when the kids say they are working on something or want to finish something, I can follow up to see their progress. The same goes for my husband and anything he is working on or interested in. What matters to my family should matter to me. In Real Estate, since it's based on relationships, I must follow up to see how clients are doing and if I can assist them. I need to keep a targeted reach-out and reply system to stay connected with potential clients so I can better help them.

Thinking these things through and writing them down will help me to target these areas. When you put intentional focus on specific areas, you will see improvement. So that is my goal! I want to progress. I want to grow in all areas, but especially in meaningful areas, so I can stretch and pull higher. I also want to model this for my children so they can implement this in their lives. Hopefully you can also!


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